Dinner Menu


~All pasta dishes are served with garlic bread~

Alfredo - $9.95
Rich, creamy, homemade alfredo sauce served over pasta. A house favorite!

Scampi - $8.95
Garlic butter scampi sauce served over pasta and topped with parmesan cheese.

Chicken Parmesan - $11.95
Fried chicken breast served over pasta, topped with marinara sauce and blended cheeses. Baked in the oven.

***Additions to Alfredo or Scampi: vegetables add $2.00 (onions, peppers, tomatoes & mushrooms), chicken add $4.00, shrimp add $5.00, steak add $8.00, or scallops add $12.00


Veggie Stir-fry - $10.95
Red & yellow onions, peppers, celery, portabellas, and carrots over wild rice.

***Add chicken for $4.00, add shrimp for $5.00, add steak for $8.00, or add scallops for $12.00


~Served with your choice of potato and vegetable of the day or coleslaw with fried dinners~

Fried Captain's Platter - $28.95
Haddock 4oz, shrimp 4oz, clams 4oz and scallops 2oz lightly battered and served with a pile of fries!

Seafood Dinners
Lightly battered and fried to perfection. Served with your choice of cocktail or tartar sauce. *Additional seafood items for $5 shrimp, $6 Haddock, $11 Clams or $12 Scallops

Fried Shrimp Dinner - $13.95
Fried Haddock Dinner - $14.95 (Fish & Chips Dinner)
Fried Whole Belly Clam Dinner - $23.95
Fried Sea Scallop Dinner - $25.95

Broiled Haddock Dinner $13.95
Broiled in a garlic butter and white wine.

Broiled Sea Scallop Dinner - $25.95
Broiled in a garlic butter and white wine.

Blackened Tuna Steak - $14.95
1/2 lb pan seared Yellow Fin Tuna Steak, blackened with Cajun spices topped with a roasted red pepper and garlic aioli. Or try it pan seared with salt & pepper

Lobster Dinner - $ Market Price

Crab Cake Dinner - $ Market Price
Two pan fried cakes served with a cucumber dill sauce.


~All served with your choice of potato and the vegetable of the day~

Waterworks Sirloin 8 oz. - $16.95
A tender and succulent cut of beef, grilled to your liking, finished with a garlic compound butter.

Ribeye 12 oz. - $24.95
Highest Choice Grade beef, it is a tender and flavorful cut, keep in mind that as delicious as the Ribeye steak is, fat is where a lot of the distinctive flavor comes from, making the Ribeye one of the richest, beefiest cuts available. Grilled to your liking.

Bourbon Glazed Chicken - $14.95
Two grilled chicken breasts glazed with a house Jack Daniels bourbon sauce.

Chicken and Portobello Marsala - $14.95
A delicious, classic chicken dish; lightly coated chicken breasts with Marsala and garlic butter sauce with portabellas.