Directions heading Route 1 North

1. Continue Route 1 North until you come to intersection of Park Street & Main Street.
2. Take Left onto Main Street.
3. You will pass Lindsey Street on your left (It is a One-Way Street).
4. Take the next Left or park on Main Street and walk 150 feet up Lindsey Street and you will see us on your right.
5. If you decided to take the next Left. Continue until you come to the Stop sign. Take a Left
6. Take your next Left onto Lindsey Street.
7. Continue until your see our sign
8. Welcome, Enjoy your stay.

Directions heading Route 1 South

1. Continue Route 1 South until it merges into Union Street (Union Street is a 2 -lane one-way street.)
2. The 5th Street on your Left is Lindsey Street
3. Take Left onto Lindsey Street
4. Continue until you see our sign
5. Welcome, Enjoy your stay